Insulated Wine Bottles


Don’t make pour decisions when trying to decide if a wine flask is something you really need. Because let’s be honest one glass of wine is never, ever enough! Consume an entire bottle of wine without anyone batting an eyelid, using our insulated wine flask. Want a sneaky wine whilst watching your kid’s soccer without risking judgement from the other soccer mums, pour it in and off you go (they never have to know what’s inside). The days of the brown paper bag are over! We’re here to make your life sufficiently easier with our dazzling flask, so get corked and grab one whilst the hubby’s out of town.

Designed using an insulated stainless steel, sealed with a leak proof lid to keep that fancy bottle of wine chilled and ready for you to unleash at girl’s night. Don’t let glass make an ass out of you and me, save yourself the trouble with our travino insulated flask and take it where no other wine bottle has gone before.  

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