Wine Sippy Cups


Why should kids get all the fun? Here at Alcoholder we have a sippy cup for the adults too! Have you ever craved a cheeky glass of wine to go, whether it was to complete the weekly grocery shopping or enroute to an outing with friends but couldn’t find anything to put it in.  Our wine sippy cup is the perfect addition for all the winos out there. Not only is it glass free so you don’t have to worry about dropping it on the floor when you get a little too tipsy, it also comes with a removable lid to keep out debris and those annoying little wine thieving bugs. Treat yourself to some mummy juice and venture out to the beach, pool or park with this clever little vessel.

Wish to take it one step further? Add one of our limited-edition vinyl stickers for some extra added humour and personalisation. Your no ordinary mum…you’re a COOL MUM!

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