Your vinyl sticker arrives complete within 3 layers: 

  1. The clear transfer tape or pre-mask Top Layer
  2. The actual vinyl decal text Middle Layer
  3. The waxy feel backing paper Bottom Layer

The top layer is called clear transfer tape or pre-mask. It looks somewhat like frosted clear contact. This is used only to apply and protect your stickers placement as you apply. It is disposed of when the text has been placed on your item.

The middle layer is the actual text coloured sticker. And this will come up with your transfer tape pre-mask from the waxy surface backing paper  when you are ready to apply.

The bottom layer is the waxy surface backing paper.

Wondering how to apply a vinyl decal? It is easy. It can be applied by following a few simple steps. 

  1. Surface preparation - Dirt and dust particles will cause vinyl lettering to bubble and not to stick properly. Clean the destination surface to remove any dirt and oils. Dry surface thoroughly.
  2. Lift the first 2 layers, the top clear transfer layer and the actual text sticker from the waxy backing sheet. Remove the first two layers from waxy backing paper slowly. At an angle close to ground level, slowly peel away ensuring that all text stay on the top clear layer (pay attention to commas and full stops etc) manually help any text that are hesitant at first.
  3. Place the clear layer with the text on the clean product where you would like to apply and press on the individual letters with firm finger pressure. 
  4. Slowly lift the clear top layer leaving the letters behind. You may need to press some letters down as you go if they lift. Use the same angle, close to level as close as you can with the product.
  5. Finally, press down on the letters once the top clear layer has been completely removed and disposed of . Use a soft clean and dry cloth. 

There you are. You did it! Well Done. 

We recommend hand wash only and pat dry - our vinyl is a premium quality, permanent grade product designed for applying to drinkware, however, hand washing is still the preferred method for longevity.