Champagne Stopper


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Champagne Stopper
Champagne Stopper
Champagne Stopper
Champagne Stopper

Preserve the bubbles in your champagne or sparkling wine with a champagne stopper. Made from stainless steel with an airtight silicone seal the fizz will be locked into your open bottle. 


  • Fits most champagne and sparkling wine bottles.
  • To close: After the cork is removed, press the Champagne Stopper firmly over the opening, hooking the arms under the bottle’s lip. The stopper may lift slightly after it’s in place.
  • To open: Press down on the centre of the stopper and lift the arms up.
  • Store closed bottles upright—the Champagne Stopper isn’t leakproof.

Care Instructions

  •  Wash before using for the first time; wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Do not submerge in water.

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